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Facilitator's guide : buildings and office evacuation /cSafetycare Australia
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Australia Pty. Ltd. : Safetycare, [s.d]
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17 pages : 30 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (12 cm.)
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Accompanied by CD-ROM : CP 034828
Because a successful building evacuation requires the calm co-operation of all personnel, this program has been designed for wide spread usage within the organisation to make all staff aware of the correct procedures. As part of an induction program, or ongoing safety training, this program can add a great deal to discussion and understanding of evacuation procedures. THE BASIC PRINCIPLES COVERED ARE: 1.The Individuals Responsibilities : Know what to do when an emergency is detected --- Familiarise yourself with evacuation procedures --- Know your role during an evacuation --- Act responsibly and reduce the risk of irrational behaviour --- Ensure your building has a well rehearsed evacuation plan --- Know the role and acknowledge the authority of evacuation wardens --- Know the assembly point on your floor --- Know which stairway you will be using and the alternatives. --- Know where to assemble when you have reached the ground floor 2.The Types of Emergencies : Gas leak, chemical spill or leak, bomb threat or fire are all situations which may result in an evacuation of your building. --- Specific action is necessary in each case and is appropriately detailed. 3.The Evacuation and Role of the Wardens Chief Warden, Floor Wardens and Runners play a vital part in any successful evacuation. --- The colour coding of the hard hats and their roles are clearly described as well as the function of the Master Emergency Communication Point. --- Back-up Wardens, communication systems, records of people being evacuated, signs, mobility impaired people, central control point, assembly point and so on are all factors which have to be considered in developing and implementing a successful emergency evacuation plan for your building.
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