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Understanding difficulties in literacy development: issues and concepts
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Los Angeles, CA : Sage , 2009
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viii, 268 p. ; 24 cm.

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Based on current research, debates and concerns, Understanding Difficulties in Literacy Development: Issues and Concepts adopts a cross disciplinary approach to understanding and working with those who experience difficulties with literacy. It provides a broad view of difficulties in literacy and related educational and curriculum learning issues across a range of ages, phases and settings.The Reader first considers questions of literacy, before going on to look at literacy development in relation to:Issues and concepts in public reading debates Literacy curriculum policy contextsCommunity, family, society and individual identity Social justice and equity issues and learning disabilitiesThis Reader is relevant to all postgraduate students of Literacy, as well as educators, professionals and policy makers.

Table of Contents

Part 1 What is Literacy? What are 'difficulties in Literacy'?
Literacy: In search of a paradigmNaz Rassool
Globalisation, literacy and society: Redesigning pedagogy and assessmentDavid Johnson and Gunther Kress
The historical construction of dylsexia: Implications for Higher EducationJanet Soler
Part 2 Issues and Concepts in Public Reading Debates
Literacy as a complex activity: Deconstructing the simple view of readingMorag Stuart and Rhona Stainthorp and Maggie Snowling
The irrelevancy - and danger - of the 'simple view' of reading to meaningful standardsVictoria Purcell-Gates
Ehri's model of phases of learning to read: A brief critiqueJohn R Beech
Siblings bridging literacies in multilingual contextsAnn Williams and Eve Gregory
Boys' underachievement: Issues, challenges and possible ways forwardJoe Burns and Paul Bracey
Re-counting 'Illiteracy': Literacy skills in the sociology of social inequalityGeoff Payne
Part 3 Literacy Curriculum Policy Contexts
Research and the National Literacy StrategyRoger Beard
Literacy policy and policy literacy: A tale of phonics in early reading in EnglandKathy Hall
'To be or not to be?': The politics of teaching phonics in England and New ZealandJanet Soler and Roger Openshaw
Powerful literacies: The policy contextMary Hamilton and Catherine Macrae and Lyn Tett
Part 4 Community, Family, Society and Individual Identity
The self-concept and its relationship to educational achievementRobert Burden
The self-concept and dyslexiaDavid Pollak
Part 5 Social Justice, Equity Issues and Learning Disabilities
Special education's changing identity: Paradoxes and dilemmas in views of culture and spaceAlfredo J Artiles
The cultural work of learning disabilitiesRay McDermott and Shelley Goldman and Hervé Varenne