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Lean engine NOx control
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Warrendale, PA : Society of Automotive Engineers, 2003
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"SAE 2003 World Congress, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA, March 3-6, 2003"--P. [4] of cover

"March 2003"
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This work presents papers from the sessions on gasoline lean NOx technologies and non-thermal plasma, held during a March 2003 meeting. Some specific topics include NOx release characteristics of lean NOx traps during rich purges, temperature impact on modeling and control of lean NOx traps, improve

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Tadao Nakatsuji and Juhana Rouistenmaki and Noriko Nishiaki and Go Fukushima and Kunihiko UchimuraJoseph R. Theis and Justin A. Ura and John J. Li and Gopichandra G. Surnilla and John M. Roth and Christian T. Goralski Jr.Joseph Theis and Justin Ura and Christian Goralski Jr. and Hungwen Jen and Eva Thanasiu and Yasmenia Graves and Akihide Takami and Hiroshi Yamada and Seiji MiyoshiChristian Enderle and Christof Schon and Thomas Ried and Wilfried Mueller and Lutz Ruwisch and Markus Koegel and Stefan Franoschek and Thomas Kreuzer and Egbert LoxTony Collier and Mark Brogan and Phil Retman and Rodney ByeZhengmao YeYong-Wha Kim and Jing Sun and Ilya Kolmanovsky and Jeff KoncsolB. Damson and J. Rudelt and J. Oesterle and G. GaiserMasato Kaneeda and Hidehiro Iizuka and Kazutoshi Higashiyama and Osamu Kuroda and Toshihumi Hiratsuka and Norihiro Shinotsuka and Hiroshi Ohno and Toshikatsu Takanohashi and Naohiro SatohToshiaki Yamamoto and Masaaki Okubo and Tomoyuki Kuroki and Yukio MiyairiDaniel W. Kelly and Thomas W. Reddoch and Kimberly Kelly-WintenbergJohn Hoard and Richard L. Bretz and Yoshiyasu EharaYoshihiko Matsui and Satoshi Sato and Kazunori Takashima and Shinji Katsura and Akira MizunoC. L. Aardahl and K. G. Rappe and P. W. Park and C. S. Ragle and C. L. Boyer and S. A. FaulknerG. S. Son and S. W. Yun and J. W. Song and J. A. Kang and K. Y. Lee and M. S. Cha and S. H. SongZhen-zhou Su and Jun Sawada and Yoshikiko Matsui and Kazunori Takashima and Shinji Katsura and Akira MizunoRobert F. Novak
2003-01-1158 A NOx Reduction System Using Highly Active Double-Layered NOx Trap Catalysts with Various Regeneration Propertiesp. 1
2003-01-1159 No[subscript x] Release Characteristics of Lean No[subscript x] Traps During Rich Purgesp. 5
2003-01-1160 The Effect of Ceria Content on the Performance of a NO[subscript x] Trapp. 23
2003-01-1161 Aftertreatment Catalyst Design for the New DaimlerChrysler Supercharged 4-Cylinder Engine with Direct Gasoline Injectionp. 39
2003-01-1162 Development of Rapid Sulfation Technique and Fundamental Investigations into Desulfation Processp. 47
2003-01-1163 Temperature Impact on Modeling and Control of Lean Nox Trapp. 55
2003-01-1164 A Phenomenological Control Oriented Lean NOx Trap Modelp. 61
2003-01-1165 Exhaust Switch Without Moving Parts for Temperature Control of NO[subscript x]-adsorbersp. 67
2003-01-1166 Improvement of Thermal Resistance for Lean NOx Catalystp. 73
2003-01-1182 Nonthermal Plasma Regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filterp. 79
2003-01-1183 Reducing Soot Emissions from Diesel Engines Using One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasmap. 87
2003-01-1184 Diesel Exhaust Simulator: Design and Application to Plasma Discharge Testingp. 97
2003-01-1185 Simultaneous Removal of NO[subscript x] and Particles from Diesel Engine Exhaust Using Plasma and Oxidative Catalystp. 111
2003-01-1186 Steady-State Engine Testing of [gamma]-Alumina Catalysts Under Plasma Assist for NOx Control in Heavy-Duty Diesel Exhaustp. 121
2003-01-1187 Fundamental Study on Durability of Photocatalyst-Plasma-Honeycomb (PPH) Converterp. 129
2003-01-1188 NOx Removal Using Discharge Plasma and Electrophoresisp. 139
2003-01-1189 Alumina Based Substrates for Non-Thermal Plasma Researchp. 145