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Contemporary cryptology : the science of information integrity
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New York : IEEE Press, 1992
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The field of cryptography has experienced an unprecedented development in the past decade and the contributors to this book have been in the forefront of these developments. In an information-intensive society, it is essential to devise means to accomplish, with information alone, every function that it has been possible to achieve in the past with documents, personal control, and legal protocols (secrecy, signatures, witnessing, dating, certification of receipt and/or origination). This volume focuses on all these needs, covering all aspects of the science of information integrity, with an emphasis on the cryptographic elements of the subject. In addition to being an introductory guide and survey of all the latest developments, this book provides the engineer and scientist with algorithms, protocols, and applications. Of interest to computer scientists, communications engineers, data management specialists, cryptographers, mathematicians, security specialists, network engineers.

Table of Contents

Contemporary Cryptology: A ForewordG. Simmons
Contemporary Cryptology: An IntroductionJ. Massey
The Data Encryption Standard: Past and FutureM. Smid and D. Branstad
Stream CiphersR. Rueppel
The First Ten Years of Public Key CryptologyW. Diffie
Public Key CryptographyJ. Nechvatal
A Comparison of Practical Public Key Cryptosystems Based on Integer Factorization and Discrete LogarithmsP. van Oorschot
Digital SignaturesC. Mitchell, et al.
A Survey of Information AuthenticationG. Simmons
Overview of Interactive Proof Systems and Zero-KnowledgeJ. Feigenbaum
An Introduction to Shared Secret and/or Shared Control Schemes and Their ApplicationsG. Simmons)
Cryptanalysis: A Survey of Recent ResultsE. Brickell and A. Odlyzko
Protocol Failures in CryptosystemsJ. Moore
The Smart Card: A Standardized Security Device Dedicated to Public CryptologyL. Guillou, et al.
How to Insure That Data Acquired to Verify Treaty Compliance are TrustworthyG. Simmons
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