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Environmental catalysis
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Washington, DC : ACS, 1994
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Developed from a symposium sponsored by the Catalysis and Surface Science Secretariat at the 205th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Denver, Colorado, March 28-April 2, 1993
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The first comprehensive volume on the major aspects of environmental catalysis. Focuses on NOx removal, mobile engine emission controls, power plant emissions, control of volatile organic compounds, SOx emissions, and waste minimization. Overview chapters introduce each section and provideadded perspective and coverage. Includes comprehensive technical reports on automotive and diesel emission control catalysis, NOx removal, and removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons from various process streams.

Table of Contents

Armor: NOx Removal: An OverviewY. Zhang and M. Flytzani-Stephanopoulos:
Catalytic Decomposition of Nitric Oxideover Promoted Copper-Ion-Exchanged ZSM-5 ZeolitesG. Centi and C. Nigro and S. Perathoner and G. Stella
Reactivity of Cu-BasedZeolites and Oxides in the Conversion of NO in the Presence or Absence of O2K.C.C.Kharas and H.J. Robota and A. Datye
Deactivation of Cu-ZSM-5: ProbableIrrelevance of Modest Zeolite Degradation Compared to Cupric Sintering toCuOH.W. Jen and H.S. Gandhi
Catalytic Reduction of NOHydrocarbon in Oxidizing
Atmosphere: Importance of Hydrocarbon OxidationL.P. Haack and M. Shelef:
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Cu-ZSM-5 ZeoliteR. Gopalakrishnan and J. Davidson and P. Stafford and W.C. Hecker and C.H.
Bartholomew:Catalysis for Cleanup of NH3, NOx, and CO from a Nuclear Waste Processing FacilityJ.N. Armor
Mobile Engine Emission Control: An OverviewJ.C. Summers and W.B. Williamson:
Palladium-Only Catalysts for Closed-LoopControlB. E. Nieuwenhuys and J. Siera and K. Tanaka and H. Hirano
Differences in Behaviorof Pt, Rh, and Pt-Rh Alloy Surfaces toward NO ReductionT.R. Ward and P. Alemany and R. Hoffmann
Adhesion of Rh, Pd, and Pt to Aluminaand NO Reactions on Resulting Surfaces
Model CalculationsG. Srinivas and S.S. C. Chuang and S. Debnath
Interaction of NO and CO on Rh-SiO2and Ce-Rh-SiO2 Catalysts
A Transient In Situ IR Spectroscopic StudyJ.N. Armor
Power Plant Emissions An OverviewG.W. Spitznagel and K. Huttenhofer and J.K. Beer
NOx Abatement by Selective Catalytic ReductionP.A. Lowe and W. Ellison
Foreign Experience with Selective Catalytic Reduction NOx ControlsP.A. Lowe
Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction NOx ControlR.M. Heck and J.M. Chen and B.K. Speronello and L. Morris
Family of VersatileCatalyst Technologies for NOx Removal in Power Plant ApplicationsS.K. Agarwal and B.W.-L. Jang and R. Oukaci and A. Riley and G. Marcelin
NOx Control by Catalytic Combustion of Natural GasG. Centi and N. Passarini and S. Perathoner and A. Riva
Contemporaneous Removal of SO2 and NO from Flue Gas Using a Regenerable Copper-on-Alumina Sorbent- CatalystE. Xue and K. Seshan and P.D.L. Mercera and J. G. van Ommen and J.R. H. Ross
Pt-ZrO2Catalysts for the Oxidation of NO and SO2: Effects of SulfateJ.N. Armor
Future Fuels: An OverviewJ. B. Wise and D. Powers
Highly Selective Olefin Skeletal Isomerization PRocessR. H. Harding and R. R. Gatte and J. A. Whitecavage and R. F. Wormsbecher
ReactionKinetics of Gasoline Sulfur Compounds: Catalytic Mechanisms for Sulfur ReductionJ.N. Armor
Volatile Organic Compounds: An OverviewL.M. Parker and J.E. Patterson
Catalysts for Low-Temperature Oxidation of EtheneA.A. Klinghoffer and J.A. Rossin
Transient Response of a Monolithic OxidationCatalyst: Effects of Process ConditionsM.T. Vandersall and S.G. Maroldo and W. H. Brendley Jr. and K. Jurczyk and R.S. Drago
Low-Temperature Deep Oxidation of Aliphatic and Aromatic HydrocarbonsR.S. Drago and S.C. Petrosius and G. C. Grunewald and W. H. Brendley Jr.
Deep Oxidation of Chlorinated HydrocarbonsA. Gervasini and C.L. Bianchi and V. Ragaini
Low-Temperature Catalytic Combustion of Volatile Organic Compounds Using OzoneJ.N. Armor
Other Opportunities for Catalysts in Environmental Problems: An OverviewW. Liu M.
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos: Reduction of SO2 toElemental S.
overCeria CatalystsH.M. Huisman and P. van der Berg and R. Mos and A.J. van Dillen and J.W. Geus
Hydrolysis of COS on Titania Catalysis: Mechanism and Influence of OxygenP.F. Schubert and R. D. Beatty and S. Mahajan
Catalytic Bromine Recovery from HBrWasteS. Tsubota and A. Ueda and H. Sakurai and T. Kobayashi and M. Haruta
Application ofSupported Gold Catalysts in Environmental Problems