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Contested environments
Environment: change, contest and response
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Chichester : Wiley/The Open University, 2003
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Why are food scares become so common? Whose voices count indecisions affecting the landscapes where we live? Will we soon bewars over water? What makes people protest outside internationaltrade meetings? These are just a few of the questions that areexplored in Contested Environments. By bringing togetherperspectives from science, social science, technology, andhumanities, the book addresses in a uniquely interdisciplinary waywhy environmental issues are so often controversial. Other featuresinclude
* the detailed examination of a wide range of topics from specificdisputes such as those around GM crops, national parks, energypolicy, water supply, and international trade to broader debateslike environmental justice, economic valuation of environments, andthe media,
* the promotion of integrative thinking through the book-wide useof the concepts of value, power, and action,
* the inclusion of frequent activities to encourage readers todevelop both their appreciation of particular issues and genericskills,
* the rich illustration of the text with examples from around theworld.
The book is part of a series entitled Environment: Change, Contestand Response. The series forms a significant part of aninterdisciplinary Open University course on environmental matters.The other books in the series are: Understanding EnvironmentalIssues
Changing Environments
Environmental Responses

Author Notes

Nick Bingham is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University, UK. His current areas of research include the management of food safety, responses to the pollination crisis, and matters of coordination in smart cities. He is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters and is joint editor of Contested Environments.

Andrew Blowers, OBE, is Emeritus Professor of Social Sciences at the Open University. Over a long career he has been involved in the field of environmental politics and policy making as an academic, politician, government adviser, nuclear company director and prominent environmental activist. As a member of the first Committee on Radioactive Waste Management he was directly responsible for some of the UK's policy on legacy waste. The Legacy of Nuclear Power brings together his varied experience and expertise and reflects his lifetime concern with the fate of nuclear communities now and in the future.

Table of Contents

IntroductionNick Bingham
Chapter One Food Fights: on power, contest and GMNick Bingham
Chapter Two Landscape, parks, wildernessChris Belshaw
Chapter Three Power in the land: conflicts over energy and the environmentAndrew Blowers and Dave Elliott
Chapter Four Troubled watersPam Furniss
Chapter Five Trading with the environmentAnnie Taylor
Chapter Six Environmental justice and the environmental justice movementWendy Maples
Chapter Seven Environmental values in environmental decision makingJacquie Burgess
Chapter Eight Making environment newsJoe Smith
ConclusionNick Bingham