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Direct fuel injection for gasoline engines
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Warrendale, Pa. : Society of Automotive Engineers, 2000
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Contains 31 technical papers which offer perspective on the rapidly-evolving technology involved in direct fuel injection gasoline engines. The volume's four sections cover combustion system design and development; fuel spray characteristics; multi-dimensional modeling of direct-injection gasoline p

Table of Contents

T. Kume and Y. Iwamoto and K. Iida and M. Murakami and K. Akishino and H. AndoY. Iwamoto and K. Noma and O. Nakayama and T. Yamauchi and H. AndoM. Ohsuga and T. Shiraishi and T. Nogi and Y. Nakayama and Y. SukegawaY. Takagi and T. Itoh and S. Muranaka and A. Iiyama and Y. Iwakiri and T. Urushihara and K. NaitohR. Houston and G. CathcartM. Wirth and W.F. Piock and G.K. Fraidl and P. Schoeggl and E. WinklhoferJ. Geiger and M. Grigo and O. Lang and P. Wolters and P. HupperichS.E. Parrish and P.V. FarrellF.-Q. Zhao and M.-C. Lai and D.L. HarringtonT. Yamauchi and T. WakisakaY. Ikeda and S. Hosokawa and F. Sekihara and T. NakajimaC. Arcoumanis and M. Gavaises and B. Argueyrolles and F. GalzinW. Ipp and V. Wagner and H. Kramer and M. Wensing and A. Leipertz and S. Arndt and A. JainM. Xu and L.E. MarkleJ. Cousin and W.M. Ren and S. NallyJ. Abraham and F.V. BraccoT.-W. Kuo and R.D. ReitzK. Naitoh and Y. Takagi and H. Kokita and K. KuwaharaZ. Han and R.D. Reitz and J. Yang and R.W. AndersonZ. Han and L. Fan and R.D. ReitzK. Naitoh and Y. Takagi and K. KuwaharaS. Henriot and A. Chaouche and E. Cheve and J.M. Duclos and P. Leduc and P. Menegazzi and G. Monnier and A. RaniniK. Kuwahara and K. Ueda and H. AndoA. Kakuhou and T. Urushihara and T. Itoh and Y. TakagiB. Deschamps and V. Ricordeau and E. Depussay and C. Mounaim-RousselleJ. Reissing and J.M. Kech and K. Mayer and J. Gindele and H. Kubach and U. SpicherT. Alger and M. Hall and R. MatthewsR.H. Stanglmaier and J. Li and R.D. MatthewsT. Nogi and T. Shiraishi and Y. Nakayama and M. Ohsuga and N. KuriharaT.D. Fansler and D.T. French and M.C. DrakeM. Kano and K. Saito and M. Basaki and S. Matsushita and T. Gohno
I. Combustion System Design and Development of Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines
Combustion Control Technologies for Direct Injection SI Engine (960600)p. 5
Development of Gasoline Direct Injection Engine (970541)p. 19
Mixture Preparation for Direct-Injection SI Engines (970542)p. 37
Simultaneous Attainment of Low Fuel Consumption, High Output Power and Low Exhaust Emissions in Direct-Injection SI Engines (980149)p. 45
Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Orbital's Combustion Process Applied to Multi-Cylinder Automotive Direct-Injected, 4-Stroke Engines (980153)p. 55
Gasoline DI Engines: The Complete System Approach by Interaction of Advanced Development Tools (980492)p. 67
Direct Injection Gasoline Engines--Combustion and Design (1999-01-0170)p. 83
II. Fuel Spray Characteristics for Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines
Transient Spray Characteristics of a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignited Fuel Injector (970629)p. 95
A Review of Mixture Preparation and Combustion Control Strategies for Spark-Ignited Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines (970627)p. 105
Computation of the Hollow-Cone Sprays from a High-Pressure Swirl Injector for a Gasoline Direct-Injection SI Engine (962016)p. 149
Cycle-Resolved PDA Measurement of Size-Classified Spray Structure of Air-Assist Injector (970631)p. 159
Modeling of Pressure-Swirl Atomizers for GDI Engines (1999-01-0500)p. 169
Spray Formation of High-Pressure Swirl Gasoline Injectors Investigated by Two-Dimensional Mie and LIEF Techniques (1999-01-0498)p. 187
CFD-Aided Development of Spray for an Outwardly Opening Direct-Injection Gasoline Injector (980493)p. 199
Transient Flows in High Pressure Swirl Injectors (980499)p. 213
III. Multi-Dimensional Modeling of Direct-Injection Gasoline Engine Phenomena
Fuel-Air Mixing and Distribution in a Direct-Injection Stratified-Charge Rotary Engine (890329)p. 227
Three-Dimensional Computations of Combustion in Premixed-Charge and Direct-Injected Two-Stroke Engines (920425)p. 239
Numerical Prediction of Fuel Secondary Atomization Behavior in SI Engine Based on the Oval-Parabola Trajectories (OPT) Model (940526)p. 257
Effects of Injection Timing on Air-Fuel Mixing in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine (970625)p. 275
Multidimensional Modeling of Spray Atomization and Air-Fuel Mixing in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine (970884)p. 289
Numerical Optimization of the Fuel Mixing Process in a Direct-Injection Gasoline Engine (981440)p. 309
NSDI-3: A Small Bore GDI Engine (1999-01-0172)p. 321
IV. Diagnostic Methods for Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines
Mixing Control Strategy for Engine Performance Improvement in a Gasoline Direct-Injection Engine (980158)p. 339
Characteristics of Mixture Formation in a Direct-Injection SI Engine with Optimized In-Cylinder Swirl Air Motion (1999-01-0505)p. 351
Combined Catalytic Hot Wires Probe and Fuel-Air-Ratio-Laser Induced-Exciplex Fluorescence Air/Fuel Ratio Measurements at the Spark Location Prior to Ignition in a Stratified GDI Engine (1999-01-3536)p. 361
Optical Investigations of a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine (1999-01-3688)p. 373
Fuel Spray Dynamics and Fuel Vapor Concentration Near the Spark Plug in a Direct-Injected, 4-Valve SI Engine (1999-01-0497)p. 385
The Effect of In-Cylinder, Wall-Wetting Location on the HC Emissions from SI Engines (1999-01-0502)p. 403
Stability Improvement of Direct Fuel Injection Engine Under Lean Combustion Operation (982703)p. 415
Fuel Distributions in a Firing Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging (950110)p. 423
Analysis of Mixture Formation of Direct-Injection Gasoline Engine (980157)p. 441
Recommended Readingp. 451
Related Readingp. 465