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Environmental chemistry of lakes and reservoirs
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Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 1994
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Presents a timely exploration of research topics in environmental chemistry of lakes and reservoirs. Includes coverage of methodological advances in studies of lake geochemistry; cycling and distribution of major elements in aquatic systems; behavior of trace metals, with an emphasis onprocesses that control their solubility and transport, and behavior and fate of organic contaminants. Valuable reading for chemists, environmental engineers, biologists, and scientists involved in practical aspects of water pollution.

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This volume, the result of a 1991 international symposium, provides an excellent and timely overview of recent progress in the knowledge of the environmental chemistry of lakes and reservoirs. The authors have the difficult task of simultaneously reporting on the latest research as well as offering an introduction to the field for a broad audience. This effort is quite successful. The individual authors include enough background to introduce each topic to nonexperts; the coverage of the subject is broad; the illustrations and figures are excellent; and a thorough index is included. The book is arranged into sections that cover modern geochemical methods, cycling of the major elements and trace elements, and, finally, a shorter section on organic pollutants. Unlike some of the other recent books on this subject, both North American as well as European bodies of water are used as examples. A fine treatment of an important topic, especially recommended for libraries that support environmental programs. Upper-division undergraduate through faculty. H. E. Pence; SUNY College at Oneonta

Table of Contents

Long-Term Chemical Changes in Lakes: Quantitative Inferences from Biotic Remains in the Sediment RecordD.F. Charles and J.P. Smol
Atmospheric Mercury Deposition to Lakes and Watersheds: A Quantitative Reconstruction from Multiple Sediment CoresD.R. Engstrom and E.B. Swain and T.A. Henning and M.E. Brigham and P.L. Brezonik
Use of Oxygen-18 and Deuterium To Assess the Hydrology of Groundwater-Lake SystemsD.P,. Krabbenhoft and C.J. Bowser and C. Kendall and J.R. Gat
Ecosystem-Scale Experiments: The Use of Stable Isotopes in Fresh WatersG.W. Kling
Effects of Acidification on Chemical Composition and Chemical Cycles in a Seepage Lake: Inferences from a Whole-Lake ExperimentC.J. Sampson and P.L. Brezonik and E.P. Weir
Organic Phosphorus in the Hydrosphere: Characterization via 31P Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyM.A. Nanny and R.A. Minear
Chemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter in Rivers, Lakes and ReservoirsJ.A. Leenheer
Long-Term Changes in Watershed Retention of Nitrogen: Its Causes and Aquatic ConsequencesJ.L. Stoddard
Mass Fluxes and Recycling of Phosphorus in Lake Michigan: Role of Major Particle Phases in Regulating the Annual CycleM.M. Shafer and D.E. Armstrong
Retention of Sulfur in Lake SedimentsN.R. Urban
Reaction of H2S with Ferric Oxides: Some Conceptual Ideas on Its Significance for Sediment-Water InteractionsS. Peiffer
Factors Affecting the Distribution of H2O2 in Surface WatersW.J. Cooper and C. Shao and D.R. S. Lean and A. S. Gordon and F.E. Scully, Jr
Cycling of Mercury across the Sediment-Water Interface in Seepage LakesJ.P. Hurley and D.P. Krabbenhoft and C.L. Babiarz and A.W. Andren
Contaminant Mobilization Resulting from Redox Pumping in a Metal-Contaminated River-Reservoir SystemJ.N. Moore
Cycles of Trace Elements in a Lake with a Seasonally Anoxic HypolimnionA. Kuhn and C.A.Johnson and L. Sigg
Manganese Dynamics in Lake Richard B. RussellT.-M. Hsiung and T. Tisue
Environmental Behavior and Fate of Anionic SurfactantsN. J. Fendinger and D.J. Versteeg and E. Weeg and S. Dyer and R.A. Rapaport
Fate of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants: Processes Affecting Uptake by PhytoplanktonR.S. Skoglund and D.L. Swackhamer
Differential Weathering of PCB Congeners in Lake HartwellSouth Carolina and K.J. Farley and G.G. Germann and A.W. Elzerman