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Biocatalysis and biomimetics
ACS symposium series; 392
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Washington, DC : ACS, 1989
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Bridges the gap between chemical and biological catalysis. Reports on new developments in biocatalysis and biomimetic catalysis and explores future applications of catalysis in the chemical and biotechnology industries. Major themes include the use of computers in biocatalyst design; applications and properties of surface-bound enzymes; biomimetic catalysts and hybrid enzymes; and enzymes in organic solvents and reverse micelles. Focuses on both chemical and engineering aspects of novel biocatalytic systems, describing both fundamental and practical aspects.

Table of Contents

Biocatalysis and Bioimetics: New Options for Chemistry Biomedical Science and Technology
The Interdisciplinary Challenge Interdisciplinary Challenges
Control of Angiogenesis Crystallography and Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Two Isomerases
Computer-Automated Sequence Evaluation of Peptides
Application to the Study of Snake Venom Toxicity
Application of Simulation and Theory to Biocatalysis and Biomimetics Enzymatic
Reactions in Reversed Micelles at Low Solubilized Water Concentrations
Enzyme Structure and Function in Water-Restricted Environments
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies in Organic
Solvents and Reverse Micelles Hydroxylation of C2, C3, and Cyclo-C6
Hydrocarbons by Manganese Porphyrin and Nonporphyrin Catalysts
Biomimetic Catalytic Oxidation of Lignin Model Compounds
Zeolite Catalysts as Enzyme Mimics: Toward Silicon-Based Life?
Immobilization of Proteins and Enzymes onto Functionalized
Polypropylene Surfaces by a Gaseous Plasma Modification Technique