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Simulation of a UHF radio channel simulator based on digital signal processing techniques
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Kuala Lumpur : Universiti Teknologi Malaysi, 1993
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viii, 114 p.: ill. ; 30 cm.
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Supervisor : Ahmad Zuri Sha'ameri; Prof Ishak Ismail

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In mobile radio communication system, propagation is generally not within line of sight, but rather takas place by multiple path reflections. As the vehicle moves in any direction the received signal enveloped fluctuates about the local mean with Rayleigh statistics, and the phase has a uniform probablitiy density function. Thus, an algorithm to simulate the channel propagation characteristics of the gorund mobile environment has been developed to allow the performance of teh mobile radio unit to be evaluated in the laboratory under controlled conditions. The fading signal of the Rayleigh fading generator is achieved by inphase and quadrature modulation of the single tone sinusoidal signal by two independent Gaussian noise signals. The theoretical power spectral density of the received signal is approximated by shaping the spectrum of the noise sources with filters. FIR digital filters are used to generate the control signal of teh Rayleigh fading generator. The FIR digital filter is designed based on D P technique using the MATHCAD mathematical package. The Rayleigh fading generator is simulated using C-language,a nd the power spectral density and athe probability density function (PDF) are abalyzed using MATHCAD. The results of the PDF and the power spectral density peoproduced by the computer simulations process at three different values of Doppler frequency shifts indicate a good agreement with theoretical results.
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Thesis (Master in Electrical Engineering) - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 1993


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